“We all have that special thing we love to do - something that fills are hearts with joy as we challenge our bodies and minds.

For me it is yoga!

It's never boring or routine - there is always another level I can experience whether I'm teaching or enjoying my own time on the mat. And it's a complete practice - a lifestyle really. Body, mind and soul are all brought together through yoga's 8 limbs.”

Candace is a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher with more than 500 hours of accreditation mostly through the Yoga Centre Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Whether teaching Yin, Vinyasa or traditional style yoga, Candace enjoys sharing the many helpful and healthful instructions she has learnt through her own practice and from teachers such as Jan Debenham, Hart Lazer and Lynne Minton.

Candace presently teaches at:

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Candace and her colleague, Helen, have published five Creating Space: Yoga Actions for Feet & Ankles; Legs & Knees; Pelvis & Psoas; Torso & Spine; Shoulders & Arms books (e-book format as well as print copy). They are presently completing a Yoga Postures Glossary and a Teacher Training Program based on their books. Please click here for more information on the e-books.